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 Subject : Networking Your Way into the Profession: How to Secure Paid Work throu.. 05/18/2015 12:52:28 PM 
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Subject :Networking Your Way into the Profession: How to Secure Paid Work through Internships

In this fishbowl session, Eric, Becca, Allison, Johna, and Deirdre engaged attendees in a positive, yet realistic, conversation about securing paid work through internships and networking.

All too often these conversations trend toward the negative, and you walk away feeling discouraged. Finding work,especially paid work, IS hard. And it CAN be discouraging. But we did ur best to have a frank, yet positive session in which we created a dialogue about our experiences—both good and not so good. We talked together and openly about the challenges we’ve faced and how we were able to work around them.

This session hoped to expand attendees' job-hunting toolkit and serve as a mini-networking session. It strived to create a sort of “organic networking environment” where we could comfortably practice networking skills simply by talking and meeting one another (because
that IS networking; all too often people think it’s something bigger than that).

Our slide deck includes contact information, small pieces of advice and a handout with job-hunting tips and sites worth checking out.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Johna @ [email protected]

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