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 Subject : Outreach Overhaul: Progressive Pedagogy in the Archives.. 05/12/2015 01:53:53 PM 
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This session explored three approaches to shifting archival pedagogy to outcome-based models. Outcome-based education is student centered and focuses on incorporating progressive pedagogical models to strengthen critical thinking and information literacy skills, and engaging students with archival materials. Danielle Spalenka of the Digital POWRR Project spoke on working with professors to use archival materials from the Regional History Center and University Archives at Northern Illinois University in their assignments, as well as the development of lesson plans that align with the new Common Core standards for area K-12 teachers. Greg Kocken of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire spoke on success implementing outcome-based programming for the college curriculum across disciplines. Laura Farley of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum spoke on efforts to restructure a long-standing high school field trip using outcome-based philosophy. All three panelists discussed assessment metrics and outcomes.

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