Past MAC Meetings

Below is a list of Previous MAC Meetings as well as links to meeting programs and selected papers and presentations. For current information on upcoming conferences, see our event calendar.

Year Spring Fall
2024 Des Moines (IA)
2023 Chicago (IL) Louisville (KY)
2022 Madison (WI) Indianapolis (IN)
2021 Virtual Kansas City (MO)/Virtual
2020 Des Moines (IA) (cancelled) Indianapolis (IN) (cancelled)
2019 Detroit (MI) Fargo (ND)
2018 Chicago (IL) Iowa City (IA)
2017 Omaha (NE) Columbus (OH)
2016 Milwaukee (WI) Ann Arbor (MI)
2015 Lexington (KY) Minneapolis (MN)
2014 Kansas City (MO) Urbana–Champaign (IL)
2013 Indianapolis (IN) Green Bay (WI)
2012 Grand Rapids (MI) Cincinnati (OH)
2011 St. Paul (MN) Sioux City (IA)
2010 Chicago (IL) Dayton (OH)
2009 St. Louis (MO) Madison (WI)
2008 Louisville (KY) Lawrence (KS)
2007 Columbus (OH) - Joint with Society of Ohio Archivists Bloomfield Hills (MI)
2006 Bloomington-Normal (IL) Omaha (NE)
2005 Chicago (IL) Bloomington (IN)
2004 Milwaukee (WI) Des Moines (IA)
2003 Kansas City (MO) Dearborn (MI))
2002 Minneapolis (MN) Rapid City (SD)
2001 Chicago (IL) Indianapolis (IN)
2000 Chicago (IL) Cleveland (OH)  - Joint with MARAC
1999 Chicago (IL) Lincoln (NE)
1998 Chicago (IL) Ann Arbor (MI)
1997 Chicago (IL) St. Louis (MO)
1996 Chicago (IL) Madison (WI)
1995 Chicago (IL) Topeka/Lawrence (KS) - Joint with Rocky Mountain Archivists
1994 Chicago (IL) St. Paul (MN)
1993 Chicago (IL) Davenport (IA) AKA "Quad Cities Conference"
1992 Chicago (IL) Cleveland (OH)
1991 Chicago (IL) Bloomington (IN)
1990 Chicago (IL) Des Moines (IA)
1989 Chicago (IL) Lansing (MI) - Joint with Michigan Archival Association
1988 Chicago (IL) Cincinnati (OH)
1987 Chicago (IL) Columbia (MO)
1986 Chicago (IL) Hudson (WI)
1985 Chicago (IL) Columbus (OH)
1984 Chicago (IL) Kansas City (MO)
1983 Chicago (IL) Champaign-Urbana (IL)
1982 Chicago (IL) Ann Arbor (MI)
1981 Chicago (IL) St. Louis (MO)
1980 Chicago (IL) Milwaukee (WI)
1979 Chicago (IL) No meeting (SAA in Chicago)
1978 Chicago (IL) Indianapolis IN)
1977 Chicago (IL) Iowa City (IA)
1976 Chicago (IL) Springfield (IL)
1975 Chicago (IL) Detroit (MI)
1974 Chicago (IL) St. Paul (MN)
1973 Chicago (IL) Madison (WI)
1972 Chicago (IL) - org. meeting Chicago (IL)